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Our Squad

For everyone from athletes to stay at home mums.

The Skinny Coffee Club squad is made up of professional models, athletes, bikini competitors and sports stars, who all demand results of the highest level. Skinny Coffee Club also has an army of brand ambassadors who are fully committed to their weight loss and achieving results in the simplest and fastest way possible. 

Helping normal people achieve athlete-like results.

Xenia Likhacheva Miss Estonia Vero Angeloni Italian Volleyball Player

Brieanna Denman Professional Model & Athlete

Jess Boninicontri Fitness Coach & Bikini Competitor Lila Fitness Coach & Bikini Competitor Holly Wolf Professional Model & Playmate

Mimmi Kapells Personal Trainer Jenna Lane Professional Model Ariadna Fuertes Professional Model


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Five Star Rating

I've completed the 28 day program and lost the weight that I wanted, my skin complexion is so much clearer. It was so effective in a short amount of time...


Five Star Rating

Skinny coffee is the best start to my day. I work as a personal trainer and I have to be on top form all day long. It's tasty and really helps me feel slim and healthy all day...


Five Star Rating

I take my coffee in the morning and the effects are just great, definitely gives me more energy. On the day 12 now and lost 11 pounds, let's see what I finish up on!


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Real life transformations

Hannah Owens Amazing Weight Loss
Samantha Craig Amazing Weight Loss

*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

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*Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person